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Device troubleshooting (phone, laptop, etc.)

What is the issue?

Suggested solution(s)

"A workstation I brought home does not have administrative permissions and I am unable to install software or make changes to the computer."

  • Please submit a support ticket via the Jira IST Account Rep form with the following information:

    • Software or application you are attempting to install

    • Workstation name

“My device is broken.”

  • IST can contact you by phone and attempt to troubleshoot remotely.

  • IST can provide recommendations for hardware replacements.

    • You can contact an electronics store (e.g. Best Buy, Canada Computers) where the device can be diagnosed further or replaced.

  • For UW owned machines in Academic Support, please submit a support ticket via the Jira IST Account Rep form.

“My phone died, I can’t access DUO 2FA.”

  • Use an alternate phone number if you already have one set up in DUO. You could also use a landline or tablet device.

  • The IST Service Desk can give temporary bypass codes on a case-by-case basis.

I’m a new member at UWaterloo (employee or student) and am getting the following
"Error. You are not enrolled in DUO, Please contact IST services"

“My computer is slow.”

  • Install antivirus software like Malwarebytes to run malware scans.

  • Try restarting your computer.

  • Identify how many programs are running on the computer and exit unnecessary programs.

  • Identify if computer updates are needed.

“The search engine in my web browser looks different/was changed.”

  • Install antivirus software like Malwarebytes to run malware scans. After scanning, manually delete the spam search engine.

“I can’t remote desktop to my computer.”

“I need to set up a microphone and video for Microsoft Teams while working remotely via VPN.”

“My University corporate cell phone is not working.”

  • Submit a ticket via the Jira Service request form for the issue. Telephone Services will troubleshoot remotely.

    • If a replacement phone is needed, the phone will be delivered to you. Replacement costs will be charged where applicable. IST can provide remote assistance with setting up the new device if needed.

“I forgot my voicemail password.” (OfficeLinx)

“How do I update my voicemail greeting?”

  • Call 519-888-4966 to update your voicemail greeting.

    • Wait for Speech Attendant to respond, then press the # key.

    • Contact Telephone Services, ext. 36000 to confirm your voice mailbox is available and unlocked.

    • Consult the Voicemail User Guide

“I need a new laptop”

“Does IST sell other equipment I need to work remotely?"

  • W Store has printers, laptops, external drives, headsets, noise-cancelling headphones, cables, and much more available for purchase. Can't find what you're looking for on their website? Email for assistance.

File recovery

What is the issue?

Suggested solution(s)

“I deleted important files, how do I get them back?”

  • If the files are saved on a local drive, use PhotoRec to restore to a previous version.

  • If the files are on OneDrive, retrieve the files in OneDrive’s second-stage recycle bin.

“How do I restore a previous version of a file?”

  • In OneDrive:

    • Click on the ellipsis beside the file name and select ‘Version History’.

  • On a network drive (e.g. R: drive):

    • Right-click on file > Properties > Previous Versions tab > Select the version to restore

    • the N: drive option is available only to users who have not migrated to OneDrive. Please contact your IT support rep if you are unsure whether your account has been migrated to OneDrive.

“How do I recover a deleted file on a network drive (R: drive, Documents)?”

Account Access

What is the issue?

Suggested solution(s)

“I can’t sign into my Outlook/Email account.”

“I forgot my WatIAM username.”

“I forgot my WatIAM password.”

Instructional Technologies and Media Services (ITMS)

What is the issue?

Suggested solution(s)

What is the issue?

Suggested solution(s)

"I need to access the ITMS studio in EC5 to record audio/video."

“I need to borrow A/V equipment from ITMS in MC.”

  • ITMS A/V equipment loans capacity at this time is restricted but may be able to provide some support. Please contact for details.

  • Please also refer to

  • You can purchase your own personal A/V equipment at a retailer (e.g. Best Buy, Canada Computers, Amazon).

Building access (fobs)

What is the issue?

Suggested solution(s)

“I need a new building fob/I need to replace my building fob.”

  • If you have an existing fob, IST will cancel the existing fob access.

  • If you require urgent access to a secure area, contact UW Police to arrange access.

    • Please note: requested access must be in accordance with provincial and University COVID-19 measures and must have the approval of your department head.

  • To request a new fob, submit a request to Network Services and include:

    • The number of fobs required.

    • The account number for billing.

    • Name of the person for each fob being programmed.

    • The name of the person picking up the fobs.

    • A list of doors the person needs access to; include approvals for door access if required

    • Once the fobs are ready, IST will notify the requestor to go to UW Police during business hours for pickup. The requestor must bring photo ID in order to pick up the fobs.

Need help?

Contact the IST Service Desk online or 519-888-4567 ext. 44357.

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