Configure a Room (or resources) with Approval Required in Microsoft 365 Outlook

Meeting room with approval required

  • The booking delegate can accept or decline the meeting

    • to set up a delegate for a meeting room or resource, submit a request and with the following information:

      • the name of the resource (i.e. room or equipment)

      • the name and username of the booking delegate

  • New bookings are sent to a booking delegate

  • Meetings are tentatively accepted if no conflicts

Resource delegates are automatically given Editor permission to the calendar folder of the resource

Settings to Set up Resource Scheduling in Outlook for the Web

  • All Scheduling Options are left at default values

  • List to automatically schedule is set to Select users and groups: with an empty list

  • List of those who can request approval is set to Everyone

  • List of those who can request approval is set to Select users and groups with an empty list

Setup settings for use by IT staff through the Exchange admin center

  • Go to Resources tab and open resource settings

  • Settings are in "Booking delegates" (only accessible by IT staff)

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