Manage Grouper Groups for Atlassian Access

If you are an admin of a Grouper group, you will have the capability to add and remove users from those groups. This guide will be focusing on groups for Atlassian products, however, the process of adding/removing users is the same for any Grouper group.

Please Note: While as an administrator of these groups, you can manage who has access to your project/space, they will still need a license for the respective system. If the user does not already have a license, it will need to be requested through the Atlassian request portal found here .


You can navigate to Grouper by going to Grouper or by clicking a link that has been provided to you that will take you directly to the folder where your groups are held. You will need to sign in using your standard University of Waterloo email and password.

For your first time accessing a folder/group, you should add it to your favorites for easier navigation in the future. To do this, either click the link provided to you to reach the folder containing your groups, or search for the group name. Once in the folder, you can click More Actions along the right side, and then Add to my Favorites.

Once the folder is added to your favorites, you’ll be able to navigate to it from the main page by either selecting My Favorites along the left side of the screen, or there is a My Favorites section in the middle of the screen as well.

When in the folder you’ll see all the groups that are associated with that folder. The way groups are setup for the various Atlassian products are as follows:

Jira Software - IST-jiracloud-PROJECTKEY-admin (the administrators group), IST-jiracloud-PROJECTKEY-dev (the developers/users group)

Jira Service Management - IST-jsm-PROJECTKEY-admin (the administrators group), IST-jsm-PROJECTKEY-agents (the agents/users group)

Confluence - IST-confluencecloud-PROJECTKEY-admin (the administrators group), IST-confluencecloud-PROJECTKEY-rw (the read/write group), IST-confluencecloud-PROJECTKEY-ro (the read-only group)

By adding members to the groups above, you are granting them the level of access based on the level group they are added to, so long as they have a license to access that product.

Adding Users

To add a user, you must be in the group you want to add them to. To tell if you are in a group versus a folder, you can look at the icon beside the name. A folder will have a folder icon, while a group will have an icon of 3 people. Click the Add Members button along the right side, then enter the USERID of the individual. If you try to add someone based off their first + last name, or friendly email address the system will not find them. Once you have entered the userid, click the name that pops up and then click Add near the middle.

Once you have added the user, they will show up in the list below as long as you don’t have any filter criteria that wouldn’t show them. It can take upwards of 30 minutes after adding a user for them to gain access to the respective project, as a sync between Grouper and Atlassian needs to occur.

Removing Users

There are multiple ways to remove users from groups. You can either select the actions dropdown beside their name, and click Revoke Membership…

…Or you can click the checkbox beside their name, and then click Remove Selected Members. This can be done to remove multiple users at once.

Again, after removing someone from a group it may take upwards of 30 minutes to process the change within Atlassian. It is also considered best practice that if the member you’re removing is being offboarded and will no longer require access to the Atlassian system, to submit a ticket to the Atlassian team here to inform them to remove the license.

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