Using BeyondTrust for Remote Help

BeyondTrust (formerly Bomgar) can be used by IT consultants to connect to a client’s computer and utilize screen sharing to remotely troubleshoot computer problems.

The BeyondTrust software needs to be installed on the consultant's computer. See the BeyondTrust/Bomgar Overview (PDF).

Steps for Consultant

Steps for Client

Steps for Consultant

Steps for Client

  • Log in

  • Generate a session key.

  • Connect via

  • Enter the session key and click submit.

  • At the prompt to start a support session, click yes.

    • In Firefox click save file, and save it to your desktop - and run the .exe file.

    • If running a security or firewall application you may need to set it to allow the BeyondTrust connection.

  • Will then see "Remote Help - University of Waterloo... Your support rep will be with you shortly..."

Consultant (Step Two)

Client (Step Two)

  • has 30 seconds to click allow shared control...

The session can be terminated by either party by clicking on the big red X.
The client will see "Thank you for using BeyondTrust at the University of Waterloo!".

When elevating permissions is required:

  • the client must first accept the consultant’s request to elevate permissions on their device

  • enter nexus\!username or !

    • Note: nexus\!username is required if you’ve not signed into the machine previously at any time

When approving elevated permissions to their computer:

  • if not already connected, connect to VPN

  • approve the request for elevated permissions (same place initial request to connect was allowed)

Additional Resources from BeyondTrust

Need help?

Contact the IST Service Desk online or 519-888-4567 ext. 44357.

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