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Standard Meeting Room Set up

  • Anyone can request a booking in a specific room and the request will be approved if the room is available

  • Leave all settings at defaults

Restricted access meeting room

If you want to assign restricted access, options are available to:

  • Restrict who can book the room to only people in one department

  • New people must be added manually

  • A Distribution List can be used to manage access

  • To request a Distribution List (DL) for calendar permission from IST, submit a request with the following information:

    • the name for the Distribution list

    • and that the list is for calendar permission

  • When you add your DL, it is added with "These people can schedule automatically"


  • Note: It is best practice to review the permissions set for each meeting room periodically (i.e. each term), when there are staff changes in your department, or when the membership changes on a committee. 

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