How to Create a quiz with negative grading

Note: This feature can be enabled on a course-by-course basis. When enabled, instructors can set a quiz to deduct a percentage of a question’s point value for incorrect answers submitted. To have this feature enabled in your course, please contact Given the complexities of using this feature with the various question types and the effects on the associated question statistics, CTE and CEL are available to support instructors with best practices regarding its use. For assistance contact your Faculty Liaison at the Centre for Teaching Excellence or the CEL Agile Development team.

You can use the Evaluation & Feedback settings of your quiz to enable negative grading when creating or editing a quiz. Negative grading sets a quiz to deduct a percentage of a question's point value for incorrect answers submitted. This feature applies specifically to question types that are auto-graded, for example, multiple-choice and true or false questions. The only question type that cannot be auto-graded is written response.

 To create a quiz with negative grading

  1. Go to Submit/Quiz

  2. Click New Quiz.
    Note: You can also edit existing quizzes to apply negative grading

  3. Expand Evaluation & Feedback on the right pane and select Deduct points for incorrect answers.

  4. Enter a percent value under Deduction.
    Note: The Deduction value subtracts a percentage of the point value of each quiz question. For example, if a quiz question is worth 1 point, a deduction of 25% will penalize users -0.25 points if their submitted answer is incorrect. The Deduction value cannot be higher than 100%.

    Figure: Under Evaluation & Feedback, select Deduct points for incorrect answers and enter a Deduction percentage.
  5. Select Save and Close.
    Your quiz now deducts points for incorrect answers submitted.

Note: If you are using Import/Export/Copy Components to import a quiz with a deduction percentage set, but negative grading is not turned on in your course, deduction percentages are stored and display when the negative grading is turned on.


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