New in Akindi

Improved Speed & Navigation

Specifically redesigned with large classes in mind, you will experience faster loading, smoother scrolling, and easier searching on the results pages!

Clear Partial Mark Reporting

Akindi will clearly highlight and display when a student receives partial credit on a question. 

  • Responses tab will feature light-red cells on partially correct questions. 

  • Corrected Test Sheets will display the number of points earned on partially correct questions.

  • Question Breakdown will display the number of students that got partial credit on a question, which will be highlighted light-red.

Single Student Actions

The 'Responses' tab will support single student actions. Instructors will be able to select specific students to export results, download corrected test sheets, and send the grades to the LMS gradebook.


What is Akindi?

Akindi is a web-based assessment system that automates the creation and grading of multiple-choice exams. As an instructor, you can grade these exams using any sheet of paper and any scanner. You can also use Akindi Online for online assessments, with no paper or scanning required. Akindi is the central tool for the campus. It replaced the Scantron exam processing service.

Two great options to choose from

Akindi Online

Instructors have the option to conduct assessments online using the Akindi Online feature. Instructors can log in to create the assessment, and choose if and how test questions are displayed. Instructors can choose from Display Full PDF, One question at a time, or elect not to upload test questions.

Complete the set up process by uploading test questions, creating the answer key and setting additional features like scheduling the online assessment, providing extra time to students if needed, and emailing the students their online assessment. This last feature provides each students with a unique, secure email link that they'll use to access and complete the online assessment and bubble sheet.

Then monitor student progress, analyze and export the results.

Paper-based assessments

After you've created and named a new test or exam, you're ready to download Akindi's Bubble Sheet template. Customize the template to suit your needs and print as many copies as you need for your students (plus one for your answer sheet!).

Fill out the correct answers on your answer sheet, entering '0000' as the student ID to indicate it's the answer key. Now batch scan completed answer sheets into one file. 

During the scanning process, Akindi will call out exceptions that need to be resolved, such as if student information is missing or mis-filled, if more responses than the answer contains are bubbled in, or if a page wasn't able to be graded. 

Now just wait for the results and analytics to appear.

Getting started with Akindi

Training resources

  1. Getting Started with LEARN (Brightspace) Guide (Akindi web page)

  2. Upcoming Training Webinars through Akindi

  3. Sign-up for individual training sessions with Christa from Akindi via https://calendly.com/christa-akindi/akindi-office-hours?month=2022-09

  4. Watch how-to videos from Akindi (YouTube)

 If you still have questions afterwards, please contact the IST Service Desk.

Accessing Akindi

  1. Ensure your course has been created in LEARN

  2. Integrate Akindi with your course on LEARN

  3. Launch Akindi!

W Store printing and scanning services

While Akindi allows users to print and scan their assessment bubble sheets from any printer or scanner, instructors may prefer to use the printing and scanning services provided by W Print. Visit the W Print web page and select the Print Services for Faculty & Staff tab for more information, https://wstore.uwaterloo.ca/wprint .


  • A Unit4 account number and delivery address must be emailed to kaertel@uwaterloo.ca or added to the Additional comments for the Print Shop box (in Akindi) before assessments will be printed. We are working to have these fields added to the print shop submission page. 

  • If W Print did not print your assessments, but you would like them to scan the completed assessments, please ensure you are able to provide a Unit4 account number. Invoicing must be arranged before assessments will be scanned. 

  • Please submit requests 3-4 days in advance, when possible.

Integrating Akindi with a course on LEARN

  1. Log in to LEARN.

  2. Click on the title of the course that you would like to use Akindi with.

  3. Select Content from the course navbar.

  4. Select Add Module from the left-hand side.

    Waterloo LEARN course Content page with Add a module... highlighted
  5. Name the module Akindi.

  6. Ensure the Visibility setting is set to Hidden (this will prevent students from seeing the module in the course).

    Akindi module with the visibility set to hidden and highlighted.
  7. Click Existing Activities and select External Learning Tools from the drop-down menu.

  8. Select Akindi from the list of LTI links. You can use the search bar in the right-hand corner.

  9. Akindi resource should now be integrated with your LEARN course.

Need help?