The Using Turnitin with a Dropbox documentation provides instructions for setting up a Turnitin dropbox within a course(s) in LEARN.

What is Turnitin and how is Turnitin used?

Turnitin is primarily used as a text matching tool that can be integrated with your University of Waterloo LEARN course dropbox(es). Once you enable Turnitin for a dropbox in a course, all student submissions made to that dropbox are checked against the Turnitin database.

For information regarding using Turnitin from an Academic Integrity standpoint, please see the Academic Integrity website.

What are the requirements for using Turnitin in a Waterloo LEARN course?

Instructors must give their students notice of their intention to use Turnitin in the first week of the term and/or when assignment details are provided, and be prepared to arrange an alternative to Turnitin for any student who does not wish to submit their files to a Turnitin dropbox.

What to include in your course outline?

The following text must appear in all course outlines:

Turnitin.com: Text matching software (Turnitin®) may be used to screen assignments in this course. Turnitin® is used to verify that all materials and sources in assignments are documented. Students’ submissions are stored on a U.S. server, therefore students must be given an alternative (e.g., scaffolded assignment or annotated bibliography), if they are concerned about their privacy and/or security. Students will be given due notice, in the first week of the term and/or at the time assignment details are provided, about arrangements and alternatives for the use of Turnitin® in this course.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor if they, in the first week of term or at the time assignment details are provided, wish to submit the alternate assignment.

Please also see Turnitin Statements to Include in your Course (PDF).

How do I set up my Waterloo LEARN Dropbox to use Turnitin?

You can either activate the tool on previously created dropboxes or by creating a new dropbox within the course. For instructions for enabling Turnitin, see the Using Turnitin with a dropbox documentation.

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