Adding questions to Crowdmark assignment

Once the assessment has been created (for instructions on how to create an assignment please refer to the article ) the next step after the assignment details is to add your questions to the assignment.

For each question, you can select which type of response students will submit. You can choose between Multiple choice (MC), Text (with Markdown formatting) and Image/PDF file. To learn more about how students interact with the different response types, see Completing and submitting an assessment. For some formatting examples (including randomizing), please refer to this Crowdmark article about Adding questions to an assignment
Note: You may use a mixture of multiple choice, image upload, and text entry questions in your assignment. The grading tools available depend on the question type. Please see for an overview.

In this article:

Add a question

  1. Type in a description of the assignment (optional) and the question content in the designated areas.  Note that there must be at least one character in the Question Content box to add another question or Save and continue.  You will have the opportunity to Edit questions before distributing the assignment to students.


Multiple Choice

Note that for Multiple Choice questions, they can not be shuffled. You could click the question clone/duplicate button after making a question into a random group question. You would still need to shuffle the options by hand in each question version.

  1. For assessments that will include multiple choice questions:

    1. if there will be multiple correct answers click on Multiple choice settings.

      Use the drop-down menu to choose whether the students will need to select ONE or ALL of the correct answers:
      If you select ONE of, the students will only be able to choose one option and if they select one of the correct options, they will receive the marks.  If you select ALL of, the students will be able to select multiple options and must select all options correctly (and none of the incorrect ones) to receive the marks.

    2. Choose Multiple choice option in the Response type drop-down. Add the Question content and responses, indicating which are the correct answers by selecting the box. You can indicate one or multiple (up to 5) correct response options. You may also update the Max points.


Text (with Markdown formatting)

  1. For Text (with Markdown formatting), choose the option from the Response type drop-down menu. More information is available in the following article on text response and pedagogy:


  2. The Preview button shows how the formatted text will be visible to students.


  3. Tables, bullets, bold and italics fonts can all be used. Refer to for some quick formatting tips.


Images in Questions

Images can be added to the question content field by simply dragging an image file (jpg, png, etc) to the question content field or clicking the Attach files button at the bottom left of the content field.  This will not be rendered as an image but placed as a link.  Give the link a meaningful title by changing the text in the square brackets of the code. For example, [Click here](


  1. Edit the question labels and maximum points for each question.  The default labels are Q1, Q2, etc and default max points is 10 per question.   Designate any questions you wish as Bonus.  The maximum points for a bonus question will not be included in the total points available for the assessment.


  2. click Add another question and repeat the above steps for each question you want to add to the assignment.


  3. To preview how the entire assignment will appear to students, you can click on Preview Assessment at the bottom of the page during the creation process.

    Once you are finished, click Save and go to Dashboard.

  4. From the Dashboard, the Question content and max points can be edited later by clicking on the Questions tab on the right side of the screen.  Questions can not be deleted once the assessment has been distributed to students.  Changes to the question content or max points that are made after the assessment has been distributed to students will be updated live so that students revisiting the assignment page online will see the changes.  There is no notification sent to students regarding any changes.


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