Importing a course from LEARN

  1. Once your LEARN account is connected to Crowdmark (See Signing in to Crowdmark through LEARN), you will be brought to the My Courses page.

  2. To the right of the My Courses title, you will see a logo and text “LEARN @ University of Waterloo”. This dropdown menu allows you to switch between the LEARN-connected context of Crowdmark and the “standalone” version of Crowdmark.

  3. If you already had a standalone account on Crowdmark before connecting to LEARN, you can switch to the “Crowdmark” context to access your existing courses and assessments.

Courses and assessments already created in the standalone Crowdmark context cannot be connected to LEARN.

4. To import a course from LEARN, choose the LEARN @ University of Waterloo heading and click on Import a Course (blue button at the top right). 

5. Select the course you wish to Import to your Crowdmark account.  If your course has multiple sections, check the box “This course has sections”.  

6. Click Import course

If another instructor has already imported this course from LEARN to their account, they can designate you as a co-instructor in the course and you will be able to view the course in your account.  See

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