Managing student enrolment in an assessment

Follow the instructions in Updating your Course Roster if you need to Sync your course roster with LEARN or update your student roster by csv or email address.

Adding students to your course roster will automatically enrol them in any existing assessments where the due date has not passed and in all new assessments created after the update.

Students who are enrolled in the course in Crowdmark can be added or removed from an assessment.

  1. Click on Students (left hand menu) and then click on the blue Manage Students button (top right of window) for your assessment.

  2. To make any changes to the enrolment of students in your Crowdmark course (adding/removing/updating ), you need to make these changes at the course level.  Click the link from the Manage students modal to edit the student list in your course.   (Alternatively, you can navigate to the Dashboard for your course and click on the Students tab here.)


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