Creating an assigned assessment in Crowdmark

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Assigned (remote) assessments can be homework, assignments, or exams distributed to students online with a due date.   Instructors can set the response type for each question: image or pdf file upload, typed text area or automatically graded multiple choice.

Step-by-step instructions to create an assignment

  1. Click the blue button Create assessment at the top right corner.

  2. You have the option to select New Assessment if you would like to create an assessment from scratch or Duplicate Assessment if you would like to reuse some or all of the same questions and comments from an existing assessment in your Crowdmark account.

    1. If you select New Assessment, you will be asked to give the assessment a name and to include students and team members from your course.

    2.   If you choose to Duplicate Assessment, you will be asked to provide the name of the course and assessment that you would like to duplicate and if you would like to copy over the comment library from the original assessment.  This option will only appear if the original assessment includes comments. 

  3. When creating an assessment, you have the option to include all students, only students enrolled in a particular section or a list of individual students in the course.  You can also include all team members, only team members in a particular role (eg. Facilitator) or a list of individual team members in the course.

  4. You can also further customize the students and team members included or excluded from the assessment by selecting Custom from the drop-down menu for the Students and Instructional team.   Note that the Excluded student search will only list students that are currently in the Included student list.   For example, to exclude one individual student from the class, under Included Students, leave “All enrolled students” selected and under Excluded students, search for the student you would like to exclude.
    If you are distributing an assessment to multiple sections of an assigned assessment, please refer to this article

  5. Click Save to move to the next step.  Students will not be notified of the assessment creation at this stage, however, the included Instructional Team members will have access to the assessment the next time they sign in to their Crowdmark account.  Their view of the assessment will be restricted according to their role.  Eg.  A Grader will not be able to view the Questions or Students tab.  You will have the option to send a notification email to your Team once you would like them to begin grading.  If you do not wish for your team to have access at this point, only include Instructors and you can change the team members later under the Team tab for the assessment.

  6. If you are creating a new assessment, select the Assigned assessment type and click Next.  (A duplicated assessment will already have its type selected to be the same type as the original).

Enter Assignment Details

  1. Select the assessment due date and time. This can be changed at a later time under Assessment Settings under the Dashboard.  Please refer to or a video:

  2. Slide the bar to set a lateness penalty per day, hour or minute past the due date and time.  For no penalty, leave the slider at 0%.  


Additional Assessment Options

  1. If you would like students to have a limited amount of time to complete the assessment once they view it, check the box for Timed assessment and enter the total time allocated.  See

    1. When students click on the assessment, they will see the information about the time to complete the assessment and the due date.  They will not be able to view the assessment questions until they click Start the assessment now at which point the timer will be counting. To see when a student has submitted their assignment:

    2. For students with AccessAbility Services accommodations please see this help page:

  2. If you would like students to work on the assessment in groups and upload a single submission on behalf of the group, check the box for Group assessment.  After the assessment has been created, you will be able to define the student groups or allow the students select their own groups.  See Defining Groups below and

A Crowdmark group assessment appears in the LEARN course gradebook as a independent item, not associated with any LEARN activity or feature.

Once you click next, you can begin to add the questions for the assignment. For instructions on how to add questions, please refer to the articles and

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