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For both instructors and students:

Some troubleshooting tips:

Both instructor and student have access to a log of all actions taken when submitting an assignment. If something has gone wrong or not sure when an assignment was submitted you can look at the log.
Here is some more information: Verifying that an assignment has been submitted

A student can submit as often as they like before the due date. Or, in the case of a timed assessment, before the timer expires. The due date/time trumps the timer.

If a student has submitted something before the due date then they cannot submit again after the due date. If a student has let the due date pass with no submission, they can submit once and the submission is marked as late and the lateness penalty is applied to the grade.

See:  and

For instructors:

Users' emails can be 'hard bounced' which means they are rejected by our mail server. This can happen if there is an issue with UWaterloo's email services. We can have the user be reactivated manually by Crowdmark in order for them to receive the emails through Crowdmark. Submit your support request via the Crowdmark help form and include the email addresses to have Crowdmark reactive the user.

After setting up an assigned assessment you can distribute it to students right away or schedule it to be distributed automatically at a later time. Each student is emailed a unique Crowdmark web page address for each Crowdmark assessment when you release each assessment to your
students. The web page each student is emailed is where students upload their work.

Please see the article Distributing an Assignment at a Scheduled Time for more information. 

For more information, please see the article How are Due dates and Penalties Enforced? The article also describes how to see when a student has submitted their work.

To check late submissions before marking is done: click on Students from the main page of the assessment.  On the top, right-click "Filter by" and choose "submitted (late)".  You can then remove late penalties.

Tip: After the assessment is done, you can change the assessment settings to extend the time limit by some time, for example, 5 minutes.  This will mean you don't have to remove the late penalties manually for any student whose submission was less than 5 minutes late.  

The button can be clicked only once.  After clicking, the button turns into an infobox listing the date you clicked. Grade changes are automatically shown on the student's graded submission page.

If you are keeping Crowdmark grades in your LEARN gradebook, you will have to click on the 'export grades to LEARN' button again to re-send all grades (including changed grades) to LEARN.

Yes, you can submit on the student's behalf, or edit what's already there. Please see the article Submitting on Behalf of a Student

Note that you'll then have to adjust the student's late penalty as the submission time will be yours. (Only a facilitator or instructor role can do this.)

Team members can be co-instructors, TAs, graders or uploaders. For instructions to manage your grading team please see the article Managing Teams in a Course

Although it isn't necessary, you can post this link after releasing your assessment: . Students can log into their Crowdmark account and see their assessments using their LEARN credentials there. 

Use the "Export grades to LEARN" button on the "Results" page of your assessment. See our Knowledge Base article Pushing Grades to Learn and Crowdmark help article Assessment Results

Instructors and Facilitators can download graded booklets in PDF format for a specific student. Ungraded pages of student work can be downloaded by Instructors, Facilitators, and Graders while grading. See the article Downloading Student Work for more information.

 For students:

Crowdmark accepts PDF, JPG or PNG.

Some troubleshooting tips:

To submit an assignment and troubleshoot submission issues, please see the article Completing and Submitting an Assignment.

Both you and your instructor have access to a log of all actions you have taken when submitting an assignment. If you are not sure whether your assignment was submitted, you can look at the log. For instructions, please see the article Verifying that an Assignment was Submitted

If you are experiencing a technical issue related to the Crowdmark software during your exam, contact

Need help?

Please provide details via the Crowdmark help form.


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