Navigating Jira Service Management

Use this guide to understand how to navigate through queues and some of the other basic functionality in Jira Service Management.

Once you have logged in to Jira Service Management (see Login to Jira Service Management) and have navigated to your Project (see Select your Project in Jira Service Management), the left-hand menu lists a number of items.

Description of each of the left-hand menu options:

Queues are like channels that can help sort out different customer requests that are sent to you.

Raise a request: Using this feature will direct you to the customer portal page. This is the page that is accessed by most students and staff to submit a request. You can also submit a request on behalf of a customer using this portal. 

Knowledge Base: This feature will allow you access the Knowledge Base (KB) articles connected to your Jira Service Management project. The KB articles can be solutions to problems that customers may have, troubleshooting tips or articles that provide step by step instructions on how to resolve a common issue. An article in this knowledge base can be shared with the customer. For more information please see






Select Queues to view the available queues for your project. You will see various issues sorted into different queues. The number beside the queue name indicates how many issues are in this queue.

You may see queues like these, but your project will also likely have others:

Unassigned Issues- These customer requests do not have anyone assigned. You can assign yourself to this ticket if you would like to work on the issue.

Waiting for support- These customer requests are waiting for the support person’s response.

Assigned to Me- These customer requests are assigned to you.

Waiting on Me- These customer requests are waiting on your response.





Once you have selected a queue, there are additional headings along the top. You can set filters to help sort or understand the work you have at a glance.

Description of each heading:

Time to First Response: The goal that your faculty/department has set for the Support Person to first respond to the request.

Time to Resolution:  The goal that your faculty/department has set for the Support Person to resolve the ticket.

Key: This is the ticket number that has been assigned to the request.

Summary: This is the title of the request submitted by the requestor (reporter).

Reporter: This is the individual who reported the issue or submitted the requested.

Assignee: This is the support person that the request has been assigned to assist.

Status: This lets the customer and support person know if the ticket is in progress, resolved or waiting on a response.

Request Type: This is the type of issue that the support request can be classified under.

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