Sharing Suggested KB articles

This article describes how to share Knowledge Base articles with your customers through Jira Service Management.

This feature will allow you access the Knowledge Base (KB) articles connected to your Jira Service Management project. The KB articles can be solutions to problems that customers may have, troubleshooting tips or articles that provide step by step instructions on how to resolve a common issue.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Once you have logged in to Jira Service Management, open the ticket.

  2. You will see the Knowledge Base field in the right panel.

When you click on the Knowledge Base field, it will expand to show and suggest articles that may be related to the issue.


3. Hovering over the article will show you an icon, which will allow you to share the article as a link in a comment. When clicked on, the link will automatically appear in the message box for your reply to your customer or internal note, as a comment.


4. Once added, you can save and make the link accessible to internal staff (via Add internal note) or your customer (via Reply to customer).

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