The Calendar tool allows you to manage course-related events. Instructors can add important dates specific to their course such as due dates, office hours or exam information.

The Calendar tool can be accessed from the system homepage or your course by clicking it in the system navbar along the top of Waterloo LEARN.

Entries into the Calendar must be made from within a course.

This article includes:

Accessing the Calendar Tool

  • To access the calendar tool from the system homepage, click Calendar in the navbar.

    Waterloo LEARN system navbar and minibar
  • To access the calendar tool from your course click the Calendar link in the widget on your course homepage.

    Arrow pointing at calendar widget in Waterloo LEARN course homepage

Navigating the Calendar Tool

  • Once you are in the Calendar Tool you can change the tabs along the top to view Calendar entries by AgendaDayWeekMonth or List.

  • By selecting the All Calendars link you will see calendars for all the courses you have access to as well as the option to remove a course calendar from your view.

  • If you would like to remove a calendar from your view, click the All Calendars link and then click the x to remove the unwanted course Calendar.

  • You can move through days, weeks or months by clicking the arrows to the right of the date or date range.

Adding a New Event

Once you have entered the Calendar tool via your course you will see options to Create an EventSet Due Dates, or Import Events.

Create Event

  1. Click the Create Event button in the calendar tool. This will take you to a new page where you can populate the specific details for the new event.

  2. Here you will see an option to Add Content to the event, use this if the event you are creating is specific to content within your course. This will not add a date to the module content chosen.

  3. If you are not associating the event with content skip this step and enter Event Title, and include a Description of the event (optional). Under Attendees, you can determine the users who will have access to this event by choosing Everybody in the Course Offering or by clicking the Add a Group/Section that already exists in the course.

  4. To add the date you want the event to appear on, click the date box to reveal a Calendar and select the date. Repeat this step for the Event End date/time.

  5. If this event will repeat you can click the Add Recurrence box and set the recurrence for the event. 

  6. Restrictions can also be placed on events by clicking the Add Restriction button and effectively determining the visibility of the event.

  7. Click Create to add the event to the Calendar. 

Set Dates

This feature allows you to place restrictions on modules and sub-modules within your course so that they are only accessible during a specified time frame.

  1. Click Set Dates in the Calendar tool to add dates to content module(s) availability within your course.

  2. If you would like to set dates for a module (including all the sub-modules), click the radio button beside the module that you would like to add availability date restrictions to. If you would like to set dates for sub-modules, click on the module and then select the radio button beside the sub-module that you would like to add availability date restrictions to.

  3. Click the Add button.

  4.  Enter Event Title and, include a Description of the event (optional).

  5. To add the date you want the content to become available, click Start Date and select the date/time. Repeat this step for the event End Date.

  6. The Due date must occur before the End Date.

  7. Click Save to add the module or sub-modules availability to the calendar.

Import Events

  1. Click Import Events in the Calendar tool.

  2. Navigate to the iCal file that you want to import.

  3. Click Import.

Deleting an Event

  • In the Agenda view, select the down arrow beside the event name and select Delete Event.

  • In the Day, Week, and Month view, click the event and select Delete.

  • In the List view, you can delete multiple events at once. Select the check box beside the event(s) you want to delete. Click the More Options button and select Delete.

Searching the Calendar Tool

  1. Enter the event title into the search box located in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Hit Enter or click the magnifying glass to perform the search.

  3. All events matching the search field will be displayed in list view.

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