Request the Creation of my LEARN Course

Instructors are required to request the creation of the LEARN courses they will be teaching in the upcoming term.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Seven weeks prior to the start of term, log in to Waterloo LEARN and click the Course Request link found in the system navigation bar.

  2. On LearnTools My course requests page, click on Request a course button (you will notice it identifies as the current term but you can request for the upcoming term).

  3. Check the box beside the course you will be teaching in the upcoming term.

  4. In the following screen, you will see all scheduled sections of this course.

    1. If you are teaching multiple sections and wish to combine them into a single LEARN course (or if you are coordinating the teaching with another instructor), select all sections you want in this single course shell.

    2. If you would prefer to create a separate LEARN course for each course you are teaching, select only one of your sections and repeat this process for each section you are teaching.

  5. If you will be using a roster synced Microsoft Teams, you can make this request at the same time while requesting for your course, to do this, check the box Create roster synced Microsoft team for this course below

  6. Click Next

  7. In the Complete Course request popup, click on Yes to submit your request.
    Once you have submitted the request, we will approve it as quickly as possible. In most cases the course will be available after 9:00am the next business day.


Need help?

Contact LEARNhelp at or 519-888-4567 ext. 41744 for assistance.

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