Emailing in LEARN

Email has been streamlined in Waterloo LEARN so that instructors can easily communicate with their students and TAs via the Email Classlist tool. There is no email inbox within LEARN; instructors, students and staff will receive their emails in their UWaterloo email account.

Included in this article:

Sending an Email to your Classlist

  1. Click Connect from the course navbar.

  2. Select Classlist from the menu.

  3. Click the Email Classlist button.

  4. Use the tabs along the top of the roster list to filter your display (e.g., if you are sending an email only to your students, select the Students tab).

  5. If you wish to email a particular section in your course, use the drop-down menu beside the View By option to filter your selection.

    1. Select Groups and click Apply, select the group you want to email and click Apply again.

      Classlist page with Email Classlist button highlighted
  6. Click Send Email to open the Compose New Message window.

  7. Compose your message and click Send.

To reduce the likelihood of students spamming the class, email addresses are placed in the Bcc: field.  It is recommended that instructors place their own email address in the To: field so that a copy of the outgoing email can be also saved in the instructor's default email client of choice.

Emails received from Waterloo LEARN are flagged in the subject line as originating from the system. You may wish to use filters on your email client to direct all course correspondence into a separate folder. Please speak to your faculty computing office as they can assist you with creating those filters.

Sending an Email to an Individual

  1. Select Connect from the course navbar.

  2. Select Classlist from the menu.

  3. Find the individual in your classlist and check the box to the left of their name (if you check multiple boxes on the same page, the same message can be sent to multiple individuals). To search for specific users, you can use the search box.

  4. Click on the Email link found just above the list of students on the left-hand side.

    Classlist with Student tab highlighted and the Email link highlighted. Arroe pointing to the checkbox beside a student's name
  5. Compose your message and click Send.

Selecting the check box in the table header to select everyone, will only select everyone on that page. If you have multiple pages in your classlist, the other pages will not be selected and they will not receive the message.

Finding a Sent Email

  1. Select the Email hyperlink from the envelope icon in the minibar along the top of your LEARN system homepage.

  2. Select Sent Mail from the left-hand pannel of the email client.

  3. Filter by All Message to see previously sent emails.


Emailing Users outside of LEARN

Emailing users in your Classlist outside of LEARN can be done by downloading your classlist from Quest and using your email client to contact your students. See How do I view or download my class roster? for detailed instructions.