Camera and/or microphone not working after Windows 10 (2004) upgrade

If your camera and/or microphone are not working after the Windows 10 (2004) upgrade, this may be due to the camera and microphone set to off in the device’s Privacy Settings. The instructions below provide a step-by step guide to correct this.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Windows search bar towards the left of the taskbar (contains a magnifying glass)

  2. Type Privacy then open the result for Privacy Settings: System Settings


  3. On the Privacy Settings window, scroll down the left navigation panel list and click Camera. This is listed under App Permissions.


    1. You will now see the Camera Privacy Settings appear.

    2. Turn on the Allow apps to access your camera option. This option must be on.


    3. Further down the page under Allow desktop apps to access your camera, ensure it is turned on to allow each app such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Webex and any other app that you use, to use your camera.

  4. Next, return to the Privacy Settings window and click on Microphone in the left navigation panel. This is also listed under App Permissions.


    1. You will now see the Microphone Privacy Settings appear

    2. Ensure the microphone is turned on under Allow apps to access your microphone. This option must be on.

  5. Open the app that was previously having camera/microphone issues and test that the camera and microphone are working once again.

  6. Close the Settings window.

If the above does not work, check for updated hardware drivers for your device. Managed systems will require admin rights and may require you to contact your Computer Support representative, Faculty Service Desk or an IST Service desk


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