Printing, scanning, and copying

About this Service

For student convenience, there are printers, scanners, and copiers located in Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology (PAS) for general use.


Publicly accessible printing services are available for students at the Stratford campus, in PAS 1099, and in the AL lobby using the campus W Print system. We also support graduate student and departmental staff and faculty printing in their areas.


There is one Microtrek Scanmaker X6 EL available in PAS 1099. Instructions for its use are posted on the wall next to it.


A photocopier is available in PAS 1099. It requires a WatCard with sufficient funds. You can add money to your WatCard online or visit at any Food Services location, Graphics Copy Centre, the Turnkey Desk, or the WatCard office.

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Who Can Use this Service

  • Current students

    • Current undergraduate students

    • Current graduate students

  • Faculty

  • Staff

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