Nexus and email login issues

About this Service 


If you have forgotten your WatIAM password, you can reset it at the WatIAM login page by clicking Forgot Password?.

WatIAM credentials are used for all of: Eduroam (wireless), Quest, WaterlooWorks, LEARN, Workday, Nexus, VPN, 2FA, and AVD. Depending on which service you are trying to access, you can log in using either your eight character userid or


  • WatIAM

  • Nexus

  • VPN

  • Microsoft 365

  • Outlook Email

  • Eduroam

  • Quest

  • WaterlooWorks


  • Workday

  • 2FA

  • AVD

If you require a WatIAM account reset due to login difficulties, you must present photo ID in person to ACO Help Desk staff. If you are unable to come to one of our helpdesks, you can contact IST for a WatIAM Password Reset.

Nexus accounts

Your Nexus account allows you to log into any Nexus machine by using your WatIAM credentials. Nexus accounts can access software on Nexus machines, as well as 5 TB of storage space through OneDrive. More about Nexus.

If you are having difficulty logging in, see our help page on logging into Nexus.

For information on accessing your Nexus account from home, see our computing from home service.

Who Can Use this Service 

  • Students

    • Undergraduate students

    • Graduate students

  • Faculty

  • Staff

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