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About this Service 

Some computing labs in the Faculty of Arts may be booked for Arts faculty needs such as classes, tutorials, in session, or other university functions. The following labs are available to be booked:

  • Psychology-Anthropology-Sociology (PAS) 1237 (PC Lab)

  • East Campus Hall (ECH) 1205 (Mac Lab)

  • Modern Languages (ML) 117, and ML 113 (PC Labs)

See our available software page for information on software available in each lab.

The labs located in ML are only available for booking by Language instructors. Classes formally scheduled on the undergraduate timetable take priority.

ECH 1205 is only available for booking by Fine Arts, English, or Digital Arts Communication instructors.

Use of PAS 1237 for research studies is limited to 4 hours per week to allow time for drop-in use of the facilities by Arts students.

Who Can Use this Service 

  • Faculty

  • Staff

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