Calendar Sharing in Outlook - MacOS

Note: Calendar delegate rights are not the same as mailbox delegate rights. Instructions for calendar sharing and calendar specific delegate rights are below. For mailbox delegate rights instructions see the article Outlook for Mac - mailbox delegate access

  1. Open Outlook for Mac.

  2. Click on the Calendar icon near the bottom of the navigation pane (2nd icon from the lower-left corner of the Outlook window.)


  3. Click on Calendar at the top the calendar navigation list at the left side of the window.

  4. Next Click on the Calendar Permissions button on the Home toolbar ribbon along the top of the window.


  5. Click the plus icon [+] towards the lower-left of the Calendar Properties: Permissions window.


  6. Type a name into the search field at the top of the Add User window. The list will populate with matching names and narrow the results as you type.

  7. Click on the user account you are searching for from the list so the name is highlighted.

  8. Click on the Permissions list near the bottom of the window and select the permissions you want to grant:

    1. Can view when I'm busy is the default permission when your mailbox & calendar is created and is what others in your organization will have unless otherwise specified. This allows the scheduling assistant feature to suggest suitable times for group meetings.

    2. Can view titles and locations allows those rights, but no more. Typically granted to a co-worker, or a person you may have frequent meetings with who uses Outlook, or the Outlook Web App.

    3. Can view all details (previously referred to as a "Reviewer") can see full calendar details, invite to meetings, but not edit, or delete anything. Private items can't be opened and are displayed as a Private Appointment. Commonly assigned to a manager. (Minimum level required for Outlook 2016 for Mac users to view another person's calendar.)

    4. Can edit can see full details, create items, edit items, and delete items with an exception of Private Appointments. Typically used by an admin assistant or a co-op supervisor to book or edit meetings on behalf of someone else.

    5. Delegate for regular appointments can see full details, create items, edit items, and delete items. Private items can't be opened and are displayed as a Private Appointment.

    6. Delegate – can view private events can see full details of all items, create items, edit all items, and delete all items including private events.

  9. Click the Add button at bottom-right to set the permissions for the selected account and return to the Calendar Properties window.

  10. You can edit Calendar Permissions using the pop-up option menu available to the right of the listed users.


    1. You can change the permission for My Organization but it is unlikely you will want to provide a permission that allows for anything more than Can view titles and locations

    2. Delegate permissions will display Delegate notification settings options at the bottom of the window. You can choose one of three options for Send invitations and responses to:

      1. Delegate only. Send me notifications.

      2. Both my delegate and me.

      3. Delegate only.

c. Outlook for Windows has more permissions options available than Outlook for Mac. A user with "Custom" permissions will have had their permissions set via Outlook for Windows using a setting that is not available in Outlook for Mac.
d. Permission selections in the window will send an update to the server shortly after the change is made. There is no "Apply" button to click, but you may notice a brief message displayed at the lower-left of the window: Updating sharing permissions

11. To remove old entries: click a user and then click the minus icon [-] towards the lower-left of the user list.

12. Click the Done button at lower-right to close the Calendar Properties window.

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