How to Create a Link to Your Outlook Calendar for Email Signatures

This article provides details on how to create a link to your outlook calendar and add it to your email signature.

  1. Log in to , and open Outlook as shown below:

  1. After you are logged into Outlook, click the gear icon in the upper right of the page.

  1. Click on Calendar and then click on Shared Calendars. Select a calendar to publish and set permissions. We recommend just setting it to “Can view when I’m busy.”

  1. After you have published, click on the HTML link and copy it.

  1. Go into your email signature:

  1. Add the sample wording such as “Need to schedule a meeting? Check my availability here.” Highlight the word “here” and select the hyperlink icon as highlighted below.

  1. Next to “Text to display” type in “here” and paste the link you copied to the address line. Click OK.

  1. Go back to your inbox and create a new email. Your signature should show the newly added link that will allow anyone to see your availability.


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