Enrolling students from LEARN

  1. Once you have imported your course from LEARN (See ), you can simply Enroll students from LEARN to import an up-to-date list of your student roster. LEARN will export a list of student emails, name and student ID (called org_id in LEARN) to Crowdmark.


  2. You should receive a message that the Upload was successful and the first few rows of data will be displayed for you to review.

  3. Check that the data sent from LEARN is mapped to the appropriate structure in Crowdmark.  Most fields are mapped automatically but you will need to map org_id to Student ID.   Select “Nothing to Import” if you would like to ignore a field.  You can ignore the role fields since it will always be set to student.

  4. Click Import students to complete this step. 

Note that LEARN sends a single field with the student’s full name to Crowdmark.  If you would like separate fields for first and last name, you will need to update the student list by csv file.  Include a column for student email address, first name and last name. 


See also: updating your Course Roster or https://crowdmark.com/help/managing-students-in-a-course/ for details on updating your student list by uploading a csv file.


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