Posting Zoom Recordings

Postings Recordings in LEARN

  1. Log in to with your UW credentials

  2. In the navigation menu, click Recordings

  3. Scroll to find the desired recording and click Share


  4. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs

    1. In the Share this recording tab, select if this recording will be shared publicly or with authenticated users only. (Users must log in to UW Zoom account to authenticate)

    2. Add expiry date: Set the date that the recording will stop being available to others

    3. Choose if Viewers can download the recording

    4. View recording on demand: Requires users to register to view the recording

    5. To set a passcode, toggle on Passcode protection


  5. Click Show on the far-left side beside Sharing Information and Copy the meeting recording link (copy the URL instead of clicking Copy Sharing Information)

  6. If you’re NOT sharing the recording on LEARN, paste the recording link to the place you communicate with students and be sure to include the passcode if you have set one.

  7. If you ARE posting the recording on LEARN, follow the instructions below:


Choose one of the two methods of posting recording links on LEARN

A. Post the recording link with the passcode as an announcement.

  1. Enter your course and click the announcement link on the homepage.


  2. On the announcement page you’re directed to click the blue New item button

  3. Enter the title of your announcement. Using the lecture name is recommended

  4. In the content section, paste the link from step 5 and the passcode.

  5. Click the blue Publish button at the bottom of the page



B. Add the Recording link to LEARN in the Content section

  1. Login to LEARN, enter you course and click Content

  2. Click the Module you want to add the recording to

  3. Click the blue Upload/Create button and from the dropdown list click Create a Link


  4. In the Content section, enter a title for the link and paste the URL copied in step 5

  5. Click the box called Open as External Resource

  6. Click Create


  7. Ensure that you have provided your students with the passcode