Adding and using the Zoom widget on LEARN to simplify classroom management

Important Note

Before using the Zoom in LEARN you must set up your UW Zoom account. If you have not done this yet please find the setup instructions on the Zoom help page.


In this article:


Adding the Zoom Widget to a LEARN Course Homepage

  1. Log into and enter your LEARN course shell

  2. Click the Course Admin tab

  3. Select the Homepages link

  4. Click the Down Arrow beside the default course homepage and click Copy


  5. Click the new hyperlink with “Copy” in the title

  6. Scroll until you find the Widgets section of the page and click Add Widgets

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Zoom and click Add

  8. Left click the Zoom widget and drag it above the Announcements widget

  9. Click Save and Close

  10. Click the Down arrow beside Active Homepage and select the homepage you have added the widget to and click Apply

Accessing the Zoom Widget on LEARN

  1. Log into

  2. Click your desired course

  3. On the Course Homepage, scroll to find the widget named Zoom and select Click Here

  4. A new tab will open to the Zoom widget Upcoming Meetings tab



Scheduling a Meeting with the Zoom Integration

  1. Open the Zoom widget from your course homepage

  2. Click the schedule a meeting button on the top right

  3. Select your desired settings for the meeting:

    1. Topic: Title the meeting

    2. Description (Optional): Provide a short description of the meeting topic

    3. Date & Time: Select the date and time of the meeting and the duration

    4. Recurrence: Choose if the meeting is recurring and indicate when it reoccurs

    5. Registration- Select if registration will be required


    6. Security- Enable security options

      1. Waiting room: Host must manually admit participants into meeting

      2. Only authenticated users can join: Participants must log into their UW Zoom account to join the meeting

    7. Video: Choose if hosts and participants will start with their video on or off

    8. Audio: Select your audio settings

    9. Meeting Options: Enable meeting options

      1. Join before host: Allow participants to join before host starts meeting

      2. Mute participants on entry: Participants join the meeting muted

      3. Use Personal Meeting ID: Use your PMI for the meeting instead of a randomly generated meeting ID

      4. Record automatically: Recording will begin as soon as meeting is started

    10. Alternative Hosts: Enter the email of a user who will have permission to start the meeting on the hosts behalf


  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page

  5. The meeting will appear in the Upcoming Meetings tab in the Zoom widget on LEARN for all users enrolled in the course


Note: The meeting will appear in the hosts Zoom web portal. However, the meeting will NOT appear in student’s Zoom web portal. The meeting is only accessible to students within LEARN.


Co-teaching in the Zoom Widget

  1. Click Schedule a meeting at the top of the widget window

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the scheduling page to find the Alternative Host section

  3. Type in the email of the user you want to assign alternative host

  4. This user will receive a special link to start the meeting with and will be able to start the meeting on your behalf from the Upcoming Meetings tab in their Zoom Widget


Starting a Zoom Meeting in LEARN

  1. Go to the Upcoming Meetings tab in the Zoom Widget

  2. Locate the meeting you want to start from the list of scheduled meetings

  3. Click the Start button on the left-hand side of the meeting

  4. The Zoom meeting will launch in your desktop application


Note: If you have been assigned the Alternative Host role, you will be given the option to Join. If the host has not started the meeting, an alternate host clicking Join will start the meeting.


Adding a Scheduled Zoom Meeting to LEARN

  1. Log into and go to the Meetings tab

  2. Copy the meeting ID of the meeting you want to add to a LEARN course


  3. Go to and open the Zoom widget

  4. Click the three dots beside Schedule a Meeting at the top right of the landing page

  5. Click Import a Meeting

  6. Paste the Meeting ID that you copied in step 2 and click Import


  7. This meeting will now appear in your Upcoming Meetings tab in the LEARN course

Note: Meetings can only be associated with one course at a time.


Remove a meeting from LEARN without deleting the meeting

  1. Open the Zoom widget on LEARN

  2. Copy the Meeting ID of the meeting you want to remove from the course

  3. Click the three dots beside the Schedule a Meeting button

  4. Click Dissociate a meeting

  5. Paste the Meeting ID you copied in Step 2 and click Dissociate

  6. This meeting or meeting series will be removed from the LEARN course but remain in your Zoom web portal


Once dissociated, you can import this meeting into another LEARN course


Accessing Recordings in the Widget

  1. Start the meeting you want to record

  2. Click the Record button in the control panel and select Record in cloud

  3. To access the recording after the meeting go to the Cloud Recordings tab in the widget

  4. The recording will appear in all course members recordings tab

Note: The recording will automatically post to the LEARN Recordings tab for all course members no matter where the meeting was started (widget, desktop application or web portal).



Limitations to the Zoom Widget on LEARN

  • Instructors cannot manually create Polls for Zoom meetings in LEARN. To work around this, instructors can access the meeting in their Zoom web portal and create the poll for the meeting there.

  • Instructors cannot Preassign Breakout Rooms for Zoom meetings in LEARN. To work around this, instructors can access the meeting in the Zoom in the web portal and preassign the breakout rooms for the meeting there

  • Instructors cannot edit single occurrences in meeting series’ in LEARN. To work around this, instructors can access the meeting in the Zoom web portal and click the occurrence they want to edit. Users will be prompted to “Edit this Occurrence” or “Edit entire Series,” they will click “Edit this occurrence” and make the desired changes.




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