Posting Zoom Meeting Links

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Create a new meeting for your class

  1. Log in to

  2. In the navigation panel on the left, click Meetings and then click Schedule a Meeting

  3. On the scheduling page, choose your desired settings. You can view This Zoom Page for more detailed scheduling instructions. The recommended settings for your class include:

    1. Topic: Title the meeting with the name of your course to make it identifiable to yourself and students

    2. Recurring meeting: Click the recurrence option and indicate how often and when the class will be reoccurring

    3. Passcode: Set an easy to remember passcode. Users who have the meeting link will not have to manually enter the passcode.


  4. When satisfied with the settings, click Save at the bottom of the page

  5. The meeting will now appear in your Upcoming Meetings tab



Posting your Zoom links in LEARN

  1. Go to your upcoming meetings tab and click the title of your meeting

  2. In the Invite Link section, copy the link

  3. If you are not using LEARN you can send the copied link to your participants by email.

  4. If you are using LEARN, you can post the copied link to your LEARN course by following the instructions below.

There are two methods of adding Zoom meeting links to your LEARN course:

A. Adding a course announcement with the meeting link and password

  1. Enter your LEARN course and click the announcement link on the course homepage


  2. On the announcement page, click the New Item button

  3. Enter the title of the announcement in the Headline section

  4. In the content section, paste the meeting link and provide the meeting passcode

  5. Click Publish



B. Adding the meeting link to the content section in LEARN

  1. Enter your LEARN course and click Content

  2. Click the Module you want to add the link to

  3. Click the blue Upload/Create button and select the Create a File option from the dropdown menu


  4. In the content section paste the meeting link and the meeting passcode

  5. Click Save and Close