Microsoft 365 Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft 365 


Undergraduate students, staff, faculty, and graduate students can sign in to with their username ( and WatIAM password.

All University of Waterloo undergraduate students are provided a Microsoft 365 account.

Waterloo alumni will receive a Microsoft 365 email account that will provide anywhere access to a more secure, reliable, and much improved email experience.

Undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Microsoft 365 applications will be licensed for approximately 16 months after your last registered term. Your email account will work indefinitely, if you graduate from the institution (see 'What happens to my Microsoft 365 account (email and apps) after I graduate?' for more info).

  • If you do not graduate from the institution, you will retain access to your Microsoft 365 account (email and apps) for approximately 16 months after your last registered term. 

Staff and faculty:

  • Staff and faculty will have access to their Microsoft 365 accounts for the duration of their employment or enrolment.

The mailbox quotas are as follows:

  • Shared mailboxes: 50GB

  • All employees/students/A3 licensed email accounts: 100GB

  • Accounts with A1 full licenses: 50 GB

  • Accounts with A1 mail and calendar only licenses (e.g. retirees, former students): 50 GB

Undergraduate and graduate email: You will keep your Microsoft 365 email account after you graduate.

Microsoft 365 Applications: You will keep your account for approximately 16 months after your last registered term. In order to keep any files, they will need to be saved to a new location. (See also FAQ entitled "How can I transfer files from my undergraduate OneDrive account to a secondary account (personal, staff, faculty, graduate student, etc.)?"


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