Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a task-tracking application that helps you manage all your tasks in one place. It is useful in both a work setting and a home setting. You can use it on your desktop, browser, and on your smartphone.

Desktop or mobile devices

You can download To Do for your desktop or mobile devices here .


These steps outline how to use To Do with your browser.

  1. Go to and log in to your Microsoft 365 (M365) account using your 8-character UWaterloo username (e.g. and password.

  2. Click on the App Launcher and select To Do.


  3. The navigation list on the left-hand side offers a filtered view of your tasks.

  4. Click Tasks to create a new task list.


  5. To categorize your tasks, click + New List and name your list

  6. You can drag your generic (or non-categorized) tasks into a list/category by opening the list/category. Or, you can open the list (category) first and then add your tasks directly to that list/category.

  7. You can re-order your lists by selecting the list and moving it to the desired location.

  8. You can break each task into steps by clicking the task and clicking +Next step from the right-hand side


  9. You can add any task to Important by clicking on the star. You will now see the task under “Important” in the main list above.

  10. You can also add Reminders by clicking on Remind Me from the right-hand side and then choosing a day and time.

  11. You can also add a due date, repeat the task, pick a category, or add a file or note.


  12. You will now see all the information for that task.

Plan your day with My Day

  1. Select My Day.

  2. Select the lightbulb icon.


  3. Click the plus sign to add one of the suggested tasks to your My Day list.

Using Microsoft To Do with Flagged email in Outlook

  1. Open Outlook

  2. Flag emails in your inbox by clicking on the flag to the right.


  3. Now open To Do from your Outlook window and go to Flagged email from the main list.


4. The task's name will be the subject of the flagged message and will include a preview of the email's text in its detail view.

5. To open the original email, select the option to Open in Outlook from the task's detail view.  


To learn more, see Using To Do with flagged email - Outlook


Want to know more about To Do?

You can find short courses about ‘To Do’ on, - and on LinkedIn Learning (search ‘Microsoft To Do’).

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