How to add External Users to SharePoint

You may need to collaborate with external users. The following instructions describe how to invite external users to your SharePoint Online site.

Inviting External Users

1. In your SharePoint site, click on the Settings (i.e. “gear”) icon in the top right side and then click on Site Permissions

2. In the new pop-out window click Advanced permissions settings

  • [site name] owners- allows users to configure, add and delete components of the site

  • [site name] members- allows users to upload documents and contribute to the site

  • [site name] visitors- allows users to access and read the site

3. Click the name of the group to which you want to add accounts:

4. In the group listing click New and Add Users

5. Enter the email address(es) of accounts you would like to invite and click Share

  • External accounts will receive an email to “sign in” to the site or register for a personal Microsoft Account to gain access to the site.

When sharing with people outside of the organization, please refer to the article for information for the external user with or without a Microsoft account.

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