Add Shared Generic Email account to Thunderbird - Instructions for Connect (on-prem) Shared Mailboxes


In the following account settings, “username” refers to your 8-character username (e.g. j25rober) and “sharenam” refers to the 8-character username of the shared generic account.

  • Account Settings

    • Email Address:

    • 'Manual config'

  • IMAP Server Settings

    • Server name:  

    • Port:  143

    • Username:\sharenam

    • Security settings:  STARTTLS  (Authentication Method: Normal Password)

  • Outgoing Server (SMTP)

    • Server name:

    • Port:  587

    • Use name and password:  enabled/checked 

    • Username: username

    • User secure connection:  STARTTLS  (Authentication Method: Normal Password)

  • Attachments. By default, Thunderbird sends and receives attachments in chunks. This may cause some of the following problems for connect account users.

    • Attachments on received emails are corrupted.

    • Images only load partially.

    • Outlook users are unable to open attachments sent from Thunderbird users.

      • To avoid potential problems, you should modify a Preference Value.

      • Warning: This may result in tags disappearing. If you use Thunderbird's tagging feature you should back up your profile  before doing the following steps.

      • For older versions: Edit menu > Preferences > Advanced tab > click Config Editor.

      • For version 3.1.9: Tools menu > Options > General tab > click Config Editor.

      • ! Warning notice will appear. Click I'll be careful, I promise.

      • In the Filter box, type:

      • Preference Name is set to the default Value of True.

      • Double-click on the Preference Name to change the Value to False.

      • Close the Config Editor window.

      • Click OK to close the Options window.

  • To replace the  Trash  folder with the  Deleted Items  folder from Exchange please see the instructions at


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