Adding M365 Shared Mailboxes and Generic Accounts (that you log into with your personal - Outlook for Windows


To add a shared mailbox it is necessary to have all of the following:

  • “Send-as” and/or full access permissions to all folders of the shared mailbox

  • Your own username requires permission to the shared mailbox. You will login using your own credentials. (Your department IT support can help you request access.)

  • Permissions on Windows Nexus computers become effective the next time you log onto the machine after the mailbox permission change has been made. You may need to log out from your Nexus account on the machine and then log in again to add the account and access the mailbox.

Contact IST Service Desk if your account does not meet the above requirements.

 For more information, please also see the article

If you are using new Outlook please follow this steps:

Adding a shared mailbox to Outlook

  1. Open Outlook.

  2. Click on the File tab in the ribbon.

  3. Click on the + Add Account button.

  4. Type the 8-character username of the shared mailbox (i.e., then click Connect button.


  5. Click the Back button at the window prompting you to type the password for the shared mailbox email address. Do not enter a password here as you will use your own credentials for authentication (as described in #6) .


  6. Edit the username to match your own 8-character* (i.e., then click the Next button.
    *Be sure to use your own and not a friendly email address.


  7. Enter your password and then click the Sign in button.


  8. Complete the DUO 2-Factor Authentication.


  9. Click the Done button.

10.  Quit/close the Outlook app and then relaunch to access the mailbox.



To learn more, please refer to the article