Add a Request Participant in Jira Service Management

This article provides instructions on how to add a request participant to your requests (ticket).  Once added as a request participant, the user can view all elements of the request/ticket. 

  1. Identify the ticket in your queue to which you’d like to add a participant by clicking on the key link of the request/ticket. This will open the ticket. 

  2. Once the ticket is open, you will see Request participants field in the right hand panel.

  3. Begin to enter the username in the Select the Request Participants box next to Request participants name to see a list of people in your project or enter the email address. Select the user you wish to add.

After the participant has been added, they will receive an email notifying them that they are participating in the request. Request Participants will receive a copy of the reply to the customer. Request participants will only receive notifications for public/non-internal comments.  

Note: There isn’t a way to address only request participants in a request without removing the requestor. 

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