Microsoft 365 Employee Email

New to Microsoft 365 email? See our Post-migration instructions for Microsoft 365 email. All new employees have their email account created in Microsoft 365. 

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Access the Microsoft 365 email account in a browser 

  1. Login to using your 8-character username (e.g. and password

2. Select the Outlook app listed on the left-hand side of the page:


Set up a Microsoft 365 email account on a desktop 

Desktop configuration guides are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux: 

Note: Outlook is recommended to be used with Microsoft 365 email accounts

If using other mail clients that support Exchange, details required for setup are: 

Set up a Microsoft 365 email account on a mobile device 

Mobile configuration guides are available for Outlook and default mail apps:    

Exchange/Connect distribution lists 

Owners of 'on-premises’ distribution groups/lists can still use them, however, group owners who have their email in Microsoft 365 will need to log into to edit them, at this time.

Another option is to contact your IST Account rep (Academic Support Departments)  or IST Account Rep (Faculties) to edit your groups for you.

Shared email accounts

‘On-premise’ shared email accounts--access provided via a security group--will likely need to be re-added to Outlook after your account is moved to Microsoft 365.
(Note, that generic accounts--accounts that have their own password--will likely not need to be re-added at this time.) 

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