Move Microsoft 365 Email on Outlook - MacOS

This guide contains instructions for how to transfer emails from one Microsoft 365 (M365) email inbox to another Microsoft 365 email inbox.

We recommend making a backup file of your emails before starting the migration. Please follow the steps in this article for help to do this

Step-by-step guide to add both accounts to Outlook

If you already have both email accounts added to the Outlook app and signed in, proceed to Step 6

  1. Open Outlook, go to Outlook > Preferences > Accounts

  2. Click "+" > Add Account > Enter. Now add your first account, using (Your username is your 8-character UWaterloo username, e.g.

    1. If you are a Connect user, please follow the steps listed on this article: Configure Outlook 2016 for Mac

    2. If you are a M365 user, please choose Microsoft 365 and then enter your UWaterloo password

  3. After adding your first account (, repeat Steps 1 to 3 to add your second account (this could be a personal account)

  4. Enter the password for the second account.

  5. Once the account has been added, restart Outlook to view your first and second account

  6. Now that the 2 accounts are added to Outlook, follow the steps below to transfer your emails.

Transfer your emails from one mailbox to another

You can transfer selected emails from one inbox to another or transfer the entire inbox. Instructions for both are below.

Transferring selected emails

  1. Select the emails from the inbox that you would like to transfer

    1.  To select multiple emails, hold the Command key and click on the emails you would like to transfer. The selected emails will be highlighted in light blue.



    2. If you have a large inbox you may want to transfer emails in smaller batches.

      Click on the first email you would like to transfer, then while holding the Shift key, select the last email you would like to transfer. The emails listed in between the selected emails will be transferred in a batch.

  2. You can now drag and drop the emails into the inbox you would like.
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It may take some time for the transfer to complete depending on the amount of emails are being transferred. You can view your inbox in the Outlook app to confirm the emails were transferred, however please do not close Outlook until you have verified online that the transfer was successfully completed and sync'd to the online server by visiting Failure to follow this step may result in a loss of emails.

Sign in using the email account you would like the emails to end up in.


Transferring the entire inbox

Drag the inbox that you would like transferred to the inbox you would like to move it to. For example, drag the inbox of your second account to the first account inbox. It will become a folder under your new inbox.

You can rename this folder based on your preference. If you do not see the subfolder, try clicking on the arrow beside the inbox.

 Note: The drag and drop feature is available to the previous Outlook version. To switch to the previous Outlook version click on “new Outlook” switch located on the upper right corner:

Once you are finished transferring your files over to your new inbox, you can click on the ‘New Outlook’ switch located on the upper right corner to switch back to the newer version.