Move Microsoft 365 Email on MacOS Mail

Transferring emails from one Microsoft 365 (M365) email inbox to another Microsoft 365 email inbox. Specifically, for users who want to transfer emails from their inbox to their inbox.

Step-by-step guide

This guide starts with the email inboxes already set up in the MacOS Mail App. For users migrating from to, you will need both the account set up and the account set up in the MacOS Mail App.

Please check the MacOS Mail setup guide for steps on setting this up first.

We recommend making a backup file of your emails before starting the migration. Please follow the steps on how to do so from Apple under "Export mailboxes"!

  1. With the MacOS Mail app open, select the emails from the inbox that you would like transferred

    1.  For users migrating from to, you will be selecting mail from your inbox

    2. To select multiple emails, hold the Command key and click on the emails you would like

You may want to transfer emails in batches if you have a large inbox.

Click on the first email you want then holding shift, select the last email you would like. This selects all of the emails in between the first and last so that you can transfer in a batch.

2. You can now drag and drop the emails into the inbox you would like

a. For users migrating from to, you will drag and drop into your inbox

It may take some time for the transfer to complete, you can see at the bottom left of the window a thin blue loading bar to indicate the transfer process. Once it is complete, the bar will disappear.

3. You MUST verify online that the transfer was successful by visiting microsoft365.comFailure to follow this step may result in a loss of emails.

4. Sign in with the email account you want the emails to end up in. For users migrating from to, sign in with to check for the migrated emails.