Receiving files using Sendit

These instructions describe how to receive files using Sendit with either another University of Waterloo user or a non-UWaterloo user.

Transfers between people within the University of Waterloo

To receive a file from a sender:

  1. Click on the link provided in the email

  2. You will be sent to a web page where you may be required to enter a password (if the sender has password-protected the file)

  3. Once the password has been verified (if required), you will see a download page that displays the files included in this transfer

  4. You can download the individual files by clicking on the file name or download all of the files with one click

  5. Specify the location to store the files

Receiving files from an individual external to the University of Waterloo

Users without a valid UWaterloo username will require a guest account to access and use Sendit. Anyone with a UWaterloo username can create a guest account for somebody outside of the University. 

Creating a Guest account

  1. Log in to Sendit using your UWaterloo username and password (Your username is your 8-character username, i.e. myuserna)

  2. Click on the down arrow next to your username in the top right-hand side of the window

  3. Choose Invite Others

  4. Enter the guest account contact information using the following guidelines for the mandatory fields:

    • User name: use the contact's email address for their User name (this is the username they will use to log in to Sendit)

    • First name: enter the first name of the contact/guest

    • Last name: enter the last name (surname) of the contact/guest

    • Email address: enter the email address for the guest account. The account details will be sent in an invitation to this email address. The email address will be used for all notifications.

  5. Click Save to create the guest account and to send the invitation email with site login details to the guest/contact

    • As soon as the invitation is sent, a password is automatically generated and sent to the guest user, who will be required to enter the password before receiving the file(s)

Note: Guest accounts are active for 10 days. If there will be a long term collaboration between a UWaterloo user and a non-UWaterloo user, a request for an account with a one-year expiry date could be requested by submitting a request and providing the following information for the guest.
First name
Last name
Email address


For Sendit Troubleshooting tips please see

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