Troubleshooting Tips for Sendit

If you are having problems using Sendit, here are some solutions that have worked for others:

  1. Try using a different browser

    1. If you have more than one web browser available for you to use on your computer, try switching browsers

    2. In some cases, individual browser settings may be causing an issue (see points 3 and 4).

  2. Reset your Internet Explorer (IE) settings. There are some settings in Internet Explorer that will not allow Sendit to function properly by preventing communication with the Sendit server. You may see a message "Communication Problem: The servlet was unable to connect to the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server" error message.

    1. Under the Tools (gear icon) pull-down menu in the top right corner of the browser window, select Internet Options and go to the Advanced tab

    2. You will see a Reset button and a note indicating that this should only be done if your browser is in an unusable state.

  3. Safari browser issues with locating files to upload. If you are experiencing issues using Sendit with the Safari browser, see Using Sendit with the Safari browser.

  4. Submit a support request. We want this service to work for you. If you are having problems, please submit a ticket to request support. Include as much detail as possible. If you include "SendIt" in the subject line, the request will get to the right support people faster.

Need help?

Contact the IST Service Desk online or 519-888-4567 ext. 44357.

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