Microsoft 365 Education

About this service

Staff, faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students are provided a Microsoft 365 account that allows anywhere access to a robust set of productivity and collaboration tools, as well as a secure, and reliable email experience.

M365 email

Most alumni and retiree email accounts have been migrated to Microsoft 365 email (Note, these two groups do not have access to M365 apps. Learn more about the apps you have access to). M365 mailbox quotas are as follows:

  • Shared mailboxes: 50GB

  • All employees/students/A3 licensed email accounts: 100GB

  • Accounts with A1 full licenses: 50 GB

  • Accounts with A1 mail and calendar only licenses (e.g. retirees, former students): 50 GB


Who can use this service

Students, Graduate Students, Instructors, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Alumni, Retirees

How to request this service

Support for this service


No cost.

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