IST Service Desk FAQ's

Q: I need to activate/create my UWaterloo email account. How do I begin this process?

A: For all incoming students, your UWaterloo email account will be created for you at a pre-determined date. On or near that date, you will receive an email invitation asking you to sign into your UWaterloo email using your 8-character username (e.g. and password.

New incoming students will receive Microsoft 365 email accounts. For more information on how to configure the email account, please take a look at IST’s Microsoft 365 Mail Configuration Guides. Some students may have pre-existing Connect or MailServices accounts therefore the sign in process will vary. For further assistance, contact the IST Service Desk online or 519-888-4567 ext. 44357.


Q: How do I connect to campus wifi?

A: To connect to campus wifi (Eduroam network), you will use your 8-character username (e.g. and password. To learn more about how to connect your devices to Eduroam, view these connection guides.


Q: I can no longer connect to the wireless network (Eduroam) and/or I see an error message when I try to connect. What should I do?

A: If you receive an email message saying your access privileges have been suspended, or the authentication page gives you an error regarding system patches or unauthorized use, follow our directions to understand why, and how to regain access.

For further support, contact the IST Service Desk.


Q: How do I print on campus?

A: When printing on campus, you have the option of printing from a library computer or your personal device(s) (i.e. laptops, tablets/iPads).

The W Print service allows users to print from personal device(s). For more information, follow the instructions listed here. You can read about the several choices for printing on campus on our printing information web page.


Q: How can I scan a document on campus?

A: There a several locations on campus that provide scanning services. For a full list of these locations see our scanning services page.


Q: Where can I use computers on campus?

A: There are library computers, and computing labs on campus that are available for use. Most computing labs on campus are Nexus labs. You can log into any Nexus computer using your your 8-character username (e.g. and password.

The public computing stations in the libraries do not require a login, but can only save your data to a disk you provide.


Q: Can you help diagnose what’s wrong with my machine? Can you save my data?

A: If you suspect your computer is infected, would like to back up or recover your files, or need to reinstall your operating system, you can visit the IST Service Desk, if you require assistance. Your specific faculty service desk may also be able to offer assistance.

Q: I have a hardware problem with my personal machine

A: The IST hardware shop can repair many PC brand computers. They offer warranty repairs for IBM/Lenovo machines. Contact the IST Service Desk for costs.

Q: What software can I get for free or at a reduced cost?

A: Freely distributable software for the University of Waterloo community is available through our Software Depot. The software available to you may depend on your status at UWaterloo (i.e. student, staff, faculty, guest).

There are also public computing stations in the libraries which do not require a login, but can only save your data to a disk you provide.

Need help?

Contact the IST Service Desk online or 519-888-4567 ext. 44357.

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