Fix SAS Studio "Failed to transcode data from U_UTF8_CE to U_WLATIN1_CE"

If you are using SAS Studio on a Mac and get a “Failed to transcode data from “U_UTF8_CE to U_WLATIN1_CE” error when running your program, you will need to switch input settings to an English language option. You may need to re-enter your code from scratch. The Chinese keyboard settings in particular create non-visible control characters that SAS does not like and generates the following message:


  1. Open the System Preferences

  2. Select the Keyboard option

  3. Select the Input Sources tab

  4. Change input source to an English language option (see below)

If you have selected the option to “Show Input menu in menu bar”, the keyboard input will appear as a clickable flag on the menubar. Click on the current flag and select an English language option (below)