Health Computing

This is a space where the Faculty of Health Computing Office puts instructions and answers to some commonly asked questions. 

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Getting to know Health Computing

Who are We? Where are we? How to contact us

Your Accounts - Identity and Access Management

Your Account - identity and access management

WatIAM, Two-factor authentication, Protecting your account



Nexus, Wireless, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Printing, Remote access

Communication and Collaboration

Communications and Collaboration

  • Email, Calendar, Skype for Business, Audio & Video Conferencing, WCMS websites, Office 365, WatSafe, UWaterloo Portal
  • Video Conferencing
Data Management

Data management

Network drives, OneDrive, SharePoint, SendIt, HealthCloud, Data recovery

Software for Teaching and Learning

Software for Teaching, Learning and Research

Software available to use by faculty, staff and students in the Faculty of Health

Teaching and Seminar Rooms

Computing Lab, Teaching and Seminar Rooms

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