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Many classrooms on-campus have data projectors, podium computers, and other technologies installed. IST provides support for these technologies, classroom design, and systems integration.

Podium fobs will not be required for Fall 2022

In recognition of this transitional period, podium fobs will not be required to use the instructional technology in Registrar e-classrooms. We ask that you please remember to shut down the system from the touch screen when you have finished using the instructional technology.

Microphone use for Fall 2022

  • If you will be teaching in a Registrar's e-classroom, you will no longer need to borrow a microphone, as each room will be equipped with microphones.  You will be provided with individual windscreens to minimize the risk related to handling and speaking with a microphone.

  • If you were given a microphone to use, we would like to remind you to return the microphone at your earliest convenience to replenish our supply for classroom replacement.  You may return the microphone to the IST Service Desk at either the Dana Porter library or the Davis Center library.  When returning the microphone, please keep the windscreen for future use or disposal; the windscreens should NOT be returned.

  • Windscreens may be picked up from the Dana Porter and Davis Center IST Service Desks, if you don’t already have one or require a replacement.

  • For more information on IST Service Desks, please visit the IST Service Desk webpage.

  • Here is a video on how to use the microphone.

  • For further training, please visit our training page.

Booking an E-Classroom

Instructors wishing to use an e-classroom should contact their timetable or departmental booking representative.

Podium computers

The podium computers in electronic classrooms (e-classrooms) are connected to Nexus. You will need your username and password to login to the computers (if you need to obtain a Nexus account, contact the service desk in your faculty). 


Instructors may wish to use their laptops in class. Connections are available at the podiums for hooking up laptops to the projection system. E-classrooms have access to the Internet via wired and wireless connections, but instructors should try it before class to ensure connectivity.


  • All podium computers have CD/DVD players

  • Some podiums have a separate DVD/VCR player in the podium

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