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About this service

Many classrooms on-campus have data projectors, podium computers, and other technologies installed. IST provides support for these technologies, classroom design, and systems integration.

Podium fobs will not be required for Spring 2024

In recognition of this transitional period, podium fobs will not be required to use the instructional technology in Registrar e-classrooms. We ask that you please remember to shut down the system from the touch screen when you have finished using the instructional technology.

Podium Key Fob Access
Podium key fob access

Booking an E-Classroom

Instructors wishing to use an e-classroom should contact their timetable or departmental booking representative.

Podium computers

The podium computers in electronic classrooms (e-classrooms) are connected to Nexus. You will need your username and password to login to the computers (if you need to obtain a Nexus account, contact the service desk in your faculty). 

  • You should make sure the applications you need are installed on the computer. You cannot install software on these podium computers.

    • Want to request certain software be added to podium computers? Please send us an e-mail: eclass@uwaterloo.ca

  • USB ports connected to the podium computer are available for connecting your USB devices through USB ports located either on the podium top or the front of the computer


Connections are available at the podiums for hooking up laptops to the projection system. E-classrooms have access to the Internet via wired and wireless connections. Instructors are encouraged to test their setup before their class to invest time to resolve any unforeseen incompatibilities.

Document cameras (doc cams)

Available in all e-classrooms to present material, whether it is written word or objects, both in-room and to a remote audience. Present written material more effectively than whiteboards or blackboards as the presented image is sized accordingly to each room. Object details can be presented to the audience without moving the artifact around the room.


Most e-classrooms will have a wireless lapel microphone available for instructor use. The microphone head will have a clip that can be placed on the instructor, approximately 4 inches below the mouth. The transmitter pack can safely be placed in a pocket or clipped onto clothing. Please remember to turn off the microphone transmitter pack when finished.

How to use Wireless Lapel Microphone
How to use wireless lapel microphone

Audience Microphones

Some e-classrooms will have microphones located in the ceiling and designed to capture speech from the audience. Uses include streamed or recorded lectures.

Collaborative Technologies/Systems

Hardware and Software systems found within E-Classrooms that allow instructors to host remote participants attending via a video conferencing platform. Not all rooms providing Collaborative technologies on UW campus have the same equipment or capabilities. Collaborative Technologies will fall into one of these 3 categories:

  • Premium: Classrooms that include a USB Camera and Mic systems that is adjustable via the Crestron Touch panel. Instructors can share the Camera image, the Projector image (Content) or a split screen of both to the remote participants attending via video Conference. Preset camera positions can focus on any of the white/black boards, podium close-up, or wide angle.

  • Mini: Classrooms that include a USB camera and Mic system that is independent of the Crestron Touch panel. These systems will not allow users to share the projector image or split screen. Content (Slides, computer image etc) can be shared to remote participants through screen sharing within the software or positioning the camera to show the in-class screens.

  • Basic: Classrooms that do not include a USB Camera. A record Line out (3.5mm Aux connector) is available to connect to their computer. All audio being sent to the classroom loudspeakers (including the Microphone) will then be shared to remote participants attending via video conferencing software. Most devices will require a USB Audio adapter. Users can use the integrated camera on their laptop to share video.

E-classroom support staff are happy to provide an orientation session for the rooms, including how to use streaming/recording facilities in Registrar's e-classrooms with those installed. Please e-mail eclass@uwaterloo.ca to book a time, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


  • All podium computers have CD/DVD players

  • Some podiums have a separate DVD/VCR player in the podium

Who can use this service

  • Instructors

  • Faculty

  • IT Support Staff

How to request this service

  • For urgent support, contact the ITMS Hotline ext. 33233.

  • Non-urgent support requests can be sent to eclass@uwaterloo.ca.

Support for this service

Please see Electronic classrooms services and support details, or a list of instructional technology available in a given classroom (requires WatIAM login).


Free for centrally-scheduled classrooms.

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