How faculty, graduate students, and staff can obtain Maple:

  • IST or Faculty IT departments can deploy the latest release of Maple to computers they manage.

  • Maple is available for download via the IST Webstore.

    • Instructions on how to activate Maple with the campus server and using an annual activation code are available from the IST Webstore.

  • Maple can also be downloaded from Maplesoft but requires activation with the campus server.

o   The last three annual releases can be activated using the campus Maple license server.

o   The annual Activation Code can activate the annual release version that matches the code. The Activation Codes are found in the IST Webstore Maple Downloads readme.txt

o   Maplesoft only provides the latest three annual releases for download from their site.

  • Using the activation code is the suggested method for Faculty, Graduate Students or staff when installing Maple on a mobile devices as Maple activation through the campus license server requires a VPN connection when working off campus.

Maple Student Edition

Compatibility of Maple with various operating systems

For more information on operating system compatibility, please see: compatibility with operating systems .


Uninstall Maple:

Migrate Installation of Maple to Another Computer:

'Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported' message when installing Maple on Windows:


Print to PDF on MacOS:

Allow Java through the Windows Firewall to allow Maple to Launch:

Whitelist Maple with Firewall, Antivirus, and other Security Software:

Maple Does Not Start or Takes a Long Time to Load:

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