Map a Network Drive on a Chromebook

To start, click the App Launcher icon.  This is located in the bottom left corner.


The Apps Launcher menu will appear.  Search for the files app and click it to open.


Click the "three dot menu" in the upper right.

Click "Add new service" and then "SMB file share".

A Mount File Share window will be displayed.  For the Share Path add the path to your data.

Replace the \\server\share with the location of your data. Paths in Faculty of Health are the following:

  • R: Drive

  • N: Drive - Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students

  • N: Drive - Undergraduate Students

    • \\\students$\your_username

  • Research Drive

  • SAS Folder

    • \\ahs-sas-appserv\sasusers$\your_username

Enter your UW credentials:

Username: Your UW userid (maximum 8 characters)
Password: Your UW account password
Optionally, check to remember sign-in info

Once finished your network drives will be displayed on the left hand side of the Files app whenever you sign into your Chrome device.