Qualtrics Online Surveys

About this service

This service is provided by means of Qualtrics Insight Platform - a powerful enterprise-class survey system. 

Guidelines for use

The use of Qualtrics is restricted to academic or research purposes. Qualtrics may be used by all University of Waterloo employees and students. Commercial use of Qualtrics is prohibited and includes, without limitation, the use on behalf of other institutions or entities for compensation.

Before considering a non academic survey, please consult with Institutional Analysis and Planning (IAP).

Users of Qualtrics Online Surveys must:

  • Ensure copyright and other legal compliance

  • Ensure consistency with University policy, guidelines and best practices. 

  • Ensure their surveys are in compliance with applicable accessibility requirements and legislation. 

    • Survey developers should note that some Qualtrics question types do not meet common accessibility requirements. Qualtrics includes a tool that survey developers can use to check their survey for possible accessibility issues.

  • Ensure compliance with Qualtrics terms of service.

Features include:

  • Create questionnaires from scratch or use pre-made questionnaires.

  • Edit questionnaires by selecting from a vast library of question types and response options.

  • Incorporate skip patterns and other types of logic.

  • Provide anonymous links or send emails with unique links for each respondent for tracking and sending reminder emails.

  • Produce and edit reports with tables and graphs that can be exported in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or PDF formats.

  • Download data to Excel or SPSS for additional analysis.

  • Data is stored in a Canadian data centre and backed up in Canada.

  • File upload add-on that allows respondents to upload files with their survey responses.

If a simple survey is all you require, Microsoft Forms may suit your needs. Check this comparison of Qualtrics and MS forms to help determine which platform to use.

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