Virtual Private Network (VPN)

About this service

IST provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to the campus community to facilitate telecommuting and other access to campus-based network resources.

The VPN uses the public Internet to connect a remote computer, such as a home computer or a laptop, securely to the UWaterloo network. The underlying principle is to make the remote computer seem as if it were physically connected to the campus network.

VPN secure login page

Most can use, but depending on where you are on campus, you may need to use

Who can use this service

Students, Instructors, Faculty, Researchers, Staff

How to request this service

Users will need to install the VPN client software in order to get access to all campus network resources.

The VPN client is required:

For IST managed Windows machines that are being used at home, the VPN is required in order for:

  • Windows and other software licenses to continue working

  • SCCM updates to be deployed to help prevent issues and vulnerabilities 

To connect to the VPN:

See the IST knowledge base for instructions on connecting to the VPN, including steps for authenticating with Duo two-factor authentication (2FA)

Support for this service

Submit a request using the Jira Service Desk Portal.


No cost.

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