Add or view members of a mailman list

step-by-step instructions:

see also Getting started with Mailman, which includes instructions on how to request a mailman list

How to add members to a mailman list 

  1. From the Membership Management... menu, click Mass Subscription then scroll down the page until you see the Mass Subscriptions heading on the page.

  2. You can add/subscribe members two ways:

    1. Enter addresses, one per line, in the entry box (You could paste a list of addresses, one per line)

    2. Upload a file

      • Use the Choose File... button to select a file. The one-per-line rule also applies to files. Comma or tab-delimited files will load only the first name in the list.

      • You can do a 'Mass Subscription' if you use one of the limited files

  3. Then click the Submit your changes at the bottom of the page.


  1. On the General options page scroll down until you see the following.

  2. Edit the existing list administrator or list moderator field to show your email address. 

  3. Browse to the bottom of the page and click the 'Submit Your Changes' button. 

How to view the email addresses of list members/subscribers 

  1. From the General Options page, click Membership Management... (the fourth item list under 'Configuration Categories').

  2. Scroll down the page to see the membership list.


NOTE: From the privacy options settings, there are three options as to who can view the list: 

  • Anyone

  • List members (default value)

  • List admin only.


Sending a mailman

  1. Open Outlook and draft email

  2. Send email to

  3. The subject link will add the [Qualtricsusers]

  4. Create message and when ready, press send

  5. You and other moderators may get an email to approve the message from mailman

  6. Approve message and the message will send

Glenn, Chao, Palak are added as admins and moderators


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