Accessing SpeechAttendant

The University of Waterloo has a voice recognition system named SpeechAttendant. This system allows access to a current telephone directory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To access SpeechAttendant

For on campus access to the SpeechAttendant system, call ext. 77777.

  • You will hear a recording asking about the party you wish to contact

  • Speak the name and you will be connected to your party

    • If more than one person on campus has the same name, SpeechAttendant will ask the caller which individual you are calling e.g. "Do you wish to talk to John Smith in Biology"

    • If the caller replies "No" the system will ask "Do you wish to talk to John Smith in Food Services"

    • This will continue until the caller replies "Yes"

During regular 8:30-4:30 p.m. business hours, if SpeechAttendant cannot identify your party, you will be transferred to a Telecommunications Services operator. Outside business hours you will receive a message to try again during business hours.

Some names may be problematic. Information Systems & Technology (IST) will be glad to adjust SpeechAttendant with your assistance. Please report any problems to

Recording your name

If you would like to record your own name, please submit a request ticket to You will be given a Personal Identification Number (PIN) number to allow you to access the system. This PIN number will only be valid for 48 hours (two business days).

To record your name:

  1. Enter SpeechAttendant (ext. 77777)

  2. Press "123"

  3. Find your name

  4. Press "1"

  5. Enter PIN number and then press "#"

  6. Record name and then follow acceptance steps or re-record

Need help?

Contact Telephone Services.

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